Have I Earned it Yet? Day Three

Day three is accomplished.


If I thought yesterday was tough, boy was today rough. Looking at my agenda, I again only had time to run in the morning. After that, I realized I had two essays to edit, forty pages of reading and my three-hour class today would focus on Movement. As in perpetual movement. As in don’t stop moving for three hours.


Well, let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. Say what I mean and mean what I say. (Even in response to “Hi, how are you today?”)

  2. Do what I love to be who I am. (Run and practice cello daily)
  3. Be an honest Christian person. (Strive to rise above gossip and genuinely put others before myself.)


1. Say what I mean.

This one was more difficult today. I found myself mindlessly smiling and greeting people when I really wasn’t feeling so great. Between muscle cramps and a restless night’s sleep, I wondered how I’d make it through the day. However, I also realized that people don’t like to hear complaints. They’re really only being polite when they ask how you’re doing. It is important to maintain this stability in everyday life. Χ

I also found I haven’t really been discussing some of my geeky interests with my new college friends. It happened when I spotted a book on my friend’s floor, under a myriad of papers and sundries. “Oh, that’s a great book!” I said.

“You know about the Left Behind series?” she asked.

“Of course I do!” I’d devoured them throughout high school. They were a staple in my routine. Yet, how was my friend to know this? I’d never mentioned this favorite of mine in college. In this small aspect, I wasn’t being true to me. This is something I’m going to work on.  Χ

2. Do what I love to be who I am.

 I made sure to run this morning, ↑ except instead of the trail, I hit the treadmill. Infinitely less windy. There are even little TVs hooked up to the machines here at the campus gym to keep me going till the end of the program. However, I did find I missed out seeing the fall foliage and the little woodland creatures stirring early in the morning. There was something about only hearing my heartbeat and the clap-clap-clap of my feet on the pavement that really cleared my mind.


I also practiced cello today. ↑ I needed it to vent after the day’s frustration in class. I picked up some of my old concertos and sonatas but ended up mostly improvising some angry scales and bow strokes. I should be careful. At this rate, I’ll need to re-hair my bow by fall break!


 3. Be an honest Christian person.

Putting others before myself was pretty necessary today. I really didn’t want to talk about my frustration with my teachers or my homework load since I’d mostly brought them on myself. However, being mindful to listen more to others than myself kept my spirits up. 

I found myself looking to other Christians as role models for the day. I had lunch with a friend of mine from church who also goes to school here. He is a Sophomore and a wonderful person. One thing, however, is that he doesn’t swear and doesn’t like to hear other people swear. I suppose there are a few passages in the Bible about swearing and lewd language, but by not swearing, is this making him a better Christian? I realize it isn’t a competition, but some days a little blasphemy goes a long way. I didn’t really enjoy it when he would halt the conversation whenever a swear word slipped out.

Aside from that, gossiping was the furthest thing from my mind today. Some of my friends were discussing classwork which turned to classmates which turned into exciting, somewhat explicit stories from home. Stuck in the same room with them, I tried to tune it out. ↑

lalala im not listening

 So, today’s tally is…

2: 4

I can do better tomorrow.

This is Ryan, signing off.



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