“The ants go marching four by four…” Day Four

Day four is so done.


Some highlights from my day: IT’S FRIDAY.


I bought A SHIRT.


  1. Say what I mean and mean what I say. (Even in response to “Hi, how are you today?”)
  2. Do what I love to be who I am. (Run and practice cello daily)
  3. Be an honest Christian person. (Strive to rise above gossip and genuinely put others before myself.)

1.  Say what I mean

Today was much better than yesterday. I got a full night’s sleep under my belt, which definitely helped.

My school assignments and my friends turned to me for leadership in discussion, which meant I had plenty of time to discuss what I felt was working in small group discussions and what was not. Also, I stood my ground and spoke up when I thought someone else’s idea was terrible. In a nice, firm, Minnesota way. 

(That means passive aggressive)
2. Do what I love to be who I am.
Playing cello yesterday definitely had a real impact on my mood today. Creative expression helps the mind in ways I’m not qualified to describe, but I know that small act of creation had me floating on a whole different plane. 
I felt even better coming out of the practice room today. 
However, I did not run today. Χ
Wait! Before you cast me off the proverbial island, I exchanged running for a long bike ride around campus with friends.
There. See?
Unfortunately, I can’t give myself any integrity points for biking. My system just doesn’t work that way.
ah...yeah sigh
Still, I have to believe that the intent on staying active to stay healthy so that I can have more days to work on my integrity has to count for something in the long run.
3. Be an honest Christian person.  
Today, I gossiped. Χ  Right now it feels a bit like speaking through a confessional, but this blog is keeping me honest.
The worst part is that I hardly even realized I was doing it because the gossip wasn’t all that good. It had something to do with asking one of my Sophomore RA friends about the write-up in another Freshman residence hall. Someone I didn’t even know doing something my friend couldn’t talk about with consequences that had yet to be determined. 
I should probably go to church tomorrow on top of Sunday mass. 
Still, I made sure to hold doors, sought to tell the truth, and respected other people. Even our Homecoming football rivals. 
Tonight, I have tickets to a concert on campus. The artist Andy Grammer is performing, and I can’t wait to go. In order to keep myself as myself, I promise not to stay out too late. That’s because today’s tally is… 2:again. Guess I didn’t do much better today than yesterday. That means running tomorrow AND cello. With the football game, I will totally have to own my schedule.
This is Ryan, signing off.


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